The ORIGINAL forestry disc mulcher for skid steers & excavators.

Welcome to Advanced Forest Equipment!

We're the leading provider of superior excavator and skid steer attachments engineered explicitly for the forestry, construction, and land management industries. Our company has become an industry leader with a foundation deeply rooted in more than 37 years of professional mulching experience, setting new benchmarks in heavy equipment innovation and sales. Our dedication lies in addressing the sophisticated needs of construction teams and forestry professionals with unmatched expertise and precision.

Engineering Excellence and Product Lineup Manufactured in Idaho, U.S., our extensive lineup showcases engineering excellence. Each excavator and skid steer attachment, developed by experienced contractors, reflects our commitment to high-quality, reliable, and innovative products. Our products are tailored for applications like land clearing, vegetation management, and forest fire prevention, meeting the rigorous standards of our discerning clientele.

Durability and Operational Efficiency
At Advanced Forest Equipment, we're more than just a name; we're a symbol of durability and operational efficiency. Our premium attachments, encompassing robust excavators and skid steers, are designed to enhance your project's productivity significantly. Subject to thorough testing and enhanced by direct feedback from industry professionals, our equipment stands at the forefront of technological excellence, ready to tackle the most challenging conditions efficiently.

Innovation at Our Core
ur state-of-the-art headquarters is not just a place of business but a place of innovation in the heavy equipment landscape. Here, the fusion of practical mulching expertise with advanced design principles creates groundbreaking equipment solutions that push the boundaries of what's possible in construction and forestry endeavors.

Partnering with Excellence
By choosing Advanced Forest Equipment, you're partnering with a leader who brings unparalleled power, performance, and precision to your projects. Our rich heritage in specialized mulching experience and relentless pursuit of quality set us apart. Discover the difference that decades of dedication and innovation can make to your construction and forestry projects.