Here's What AFE Customers are Saying About their RDM Attachments.

Good communication and very informative about all products. For me living in Canada, by the time I factor in the exchange rate and shipping costs they become cost prohibitive. A very good product though.

- Karin D.

Look no further, this is the best of the best. Excellent equipment to start with. Knowledgeable and courteous staff that can answer all of your questions. Very competitive pricing on consumables.

Scott H.

Our productivity has increased by more than 40% since we purchased our RDM attachments, and the quality of our work is much better too. The best part is, the attachment is (except for the cutting teeth) maintenance free. This has resulted in virtually no down time and more money in our pockets.

- Ryan Mallery, Environmental Wildlife Protection & Fire Prevention

We get more done in less time and with less environmental impact than with any other attachment I've tried—and believe me, I've tried them all! My customers love the finished work.

- John Freese, Freese Contracting, LLC

The attachments do what AFE says they can do. You can get more production out of a smaller base machine without doing any expensive modifications to the excavator. If your excavator has auxiliary hydraulics to run a hammer or breaker, you can easily run an RDM attachment.

- Eric Thurman, Environmental Forestry, Inc.

@AdvancedForest Thanks Tamatha!  We love the mulcher and it compliments our other machines very well.  Thanks for putting together a turn key machine and taking care of everything from start to finish.  I'll send you any future videos as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qY0D1pZ86vU

- Colby Stroupe, Owner S&P Land Services


Thought I'd update you on the Hitachi setup. Everything's workin good, the head design is a huge improvement! It doesnt have the brute force of the Cat 315 but I'm very happy and at the end of the day the Hitachi might be more profitable because of it's cost and fuel efficiency!! Thanks for your help, I know this was a stressful project for everyone.

- Wade Hamlin, Western Forest Enhancement, LLC