SS Eco Demo Disc Mulcher

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Top Features

  • Demo Unit for Sale at Discounted Price.
  • Includes Extension Tooth Combo Kit

We are currently sold out of Demo Units. Are you looking for a demo unit, and can not find one? We currently only have brand new forestry disc mulchers for sale. We apologize for the inconvenience. Call us today to order your band new AFE Forestry Disc Mulcher.

The Original Disc Mulcher for skid steers the SS Eco, it’s the most popular of our skid steer disc mulcher line. Powered by a 130cc bent axis piston hydraulic motor through our custom-built direct drive bearing box the SS Eco’s 58” cutting disc will make short work of any mulching job. Give us a Call today to order your SS Eco!

Reduction Shroud System: The unique design of the reduction shroud system forces the material into the fixed cutting teeth which then allows you to mulch and re-mulch if you desire.

Direct Drive System: The direct drive system is custom built with crusher style bearings and a heat treated tapered 4” drive shaft. We utilize a huge 130cc fixed displacement bent axis piston hydraulic motor which is coupled to a 10” rubber drive coupling to isolate the shock load transmitted thru the bearing box. The bearing box is fully submerged in an oil bathed system with an expansion chamber to keep the oil level constant at all times for longer bearing wear. We also utilize a large drive hub mounted to the disc which matches to the taper shaft with a double locking fasting system.

Ease of Maintenance: There are no belts, pulleys or shivs; our systems are direct drive, the power goes directly into a bearing box transferring 100% of the power to the cutting disc. We have a rubber safety coupler between the hydraulic motor and bearing box to protect from damage.

Features and Benefits:
• 130cc Sunfab bent axis piston hydraulic motor for consistent power.
• Oversized rubber isolator coupling to prevent shock loads from reaching the motor.
• Custom built oil bathed bearing box with crusher style self-aligning bearings and a 4” heat treated tapered shaft delivers for power and longevity.
• Reduction Shroud system, a unique design that forces material through the shroud and into fixed cutting that results in instant fresh, clean mulch.
• With no belts, pulleys, sheaves, or grease points to maintain down time is drastically reduced.
• 1,000 hours between bearing box oil changes!
Standard Tooth Configuration:
Beaver Teeth: 8 on top, 14 on perimeter. The Beaver Tooth has straight edges, is durable, and can be re-sharpened right on the blade. TIP: Rotating beaver teeth increases wear life.
Carbide Thumbnail Teeth: 20 teeth bottom, 20 holders top, 20 holders bottom. The Carbide Thumbnail Tooth is designed for durability and placed on the bottom of the cutting disc as the primary mulching tooth.
Bottom Tooth Holder Delete Kits: Included to cover self-locating extension tooth mounting locations.
This kit is recommended for more aggressive mulching. It includes (7) self-locating tooth holders, (6) carbide bullet teeth and (6) carbide faced shark teeth. The disc is machined with (6) counter-bored locations designed to accept this holder. The Extension Tooth Combo Kit is
recommended at the time of purchase but can be added later.
Shark Tooth: High- efficiency extension cutting tooth, not recommended for use in rock.
Bullet Tooth: Medium- efficiency extension cutting tooth that holds up well in rock conditions. The use of the bullet tooth can result in more material being thrown at greater distances.

Contact us today to order your SS Eco Forestry Disc Mulcher