Hello WORLD,

The more I learn about Advanced Forest Equipment, the more I want to share with our customers and the world in general. As a marketing person, I was taught and expected to play up brands and companies in order to SELL either a service or a product. That is what marketing is after all right?

In the 17 years that I've worked in sales and marketing, I had never encountered or worked with an owner that was anything like JM. 

My first day on the job, I trained with Jon about the product I was supposed to market and sell. I remember the passion he displayed while talking on the phone with people. I also remember the sales team consisted of one person- him. 

Here are Facts I have learned while being here the past 2 years...

- At AFE we provide solutions and try our best to help other businesses be successful while using our mulchers.

-At AFE we provide FREE TRAINING FOR LIFE and we mean it. If you call tomorrow and want to fly in the next week to get training on a mulcher, we will be here to take you out to our mulching site.

-At AFE we don't have a huge sales team that just 'WANTS TO MAKE A SALE', in fact, our sales team doesn't even make a commission. We don't want our product to just be "SOLD" we want to provide a solution! 

-At AFE we have salespeople that know the product, have worked in the field with the mulchers and have made the mulchers themselves.

-At AFE we are constantly looking for ways to improve the mulchers. 

-At AFE we lower the mulchers prices, even when steel prices are on the rise. Yes, we lowered the mulcher prices 3 years in a row!

-At AFE we only utilize the best products on the market, we will search high and low to find American MADE products, even down to the bolts. 

-At Advanced Forest Equipment, we believe in providing the best because we believe that every hard-earned dollar should be spent wisely.

I will never forget the first day I started at AFE, the one salesperson/owner/boss, talking to a potential customer and telling him that our mulchers would not be a good fit for his project. It was baffling! Wasn't he trying to make money? How was I going to get paid?

In the two years, I've worked here, I've realized that here at AFE we don't "SELL" a product. We SELL a solution! We want to make lifelong customers/friends that are happy with the product and can count on their mulchers to do the job. At AFE, it started with a 19-year-old teenager working in the field, wanting to better the product he was utilizing in order to get the job done. At AFE we care about the people on the other side of the phone, not about meeting a quota. 

-Just a marketing gal