RDM44 ECO Excavator Forestry Disc Mulcher

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Top Features

  • Please note that this does NOT include options, hydraulic hoses, hydraulic quick couplers, freight nor set-up costs.
  • Bearing Box—Custom built, ROBUST, TOUGH and DURABLE. This is the heart and soul of this mulcher! Each bearing box is tested prior to shipping.
  • Reduction Shroud System—acts like a vacuum and moves the material into the cutting teeth which enhance grinding.
  • Cutting Disc is made of Weldox 700 T-1 steel which is 30% stronger than mild steel!

The RDM44 excavator disc mulchers are the most versatile, efficient and advanced RDM eco series forestry mulcher heads in the industry. The secret to this proprietary technology is the innovative design which transfers maximum
power to the attachment using only the existing hydraulics of the carrier. This results in a mulching attachment that can handle thick undergrowth and trees up to 18 inches in diameter without binding or clogging.

When you see an AFE RDM44 forestry excavator disc mulcher working in the field you’ll notice several things:

  1. No extra power packs! Our technology transfers more power to the attachment, eliminating the need for expensive extra hardware.
  2. Works fast and efficient! Forestry disc mulcher owners report as much as 40% increases in their productivity. That’s good for the land, good for your customer and your bottom line!
  3. Our technology is so efficient that even the smaller, lighter excavators can easily do the work. You’ll be surprised to see how much work RDM44 forestry disc mulcher can  be accomplished with a small carrier. This also saves you money!
  4. Contact us today to order your RDM44 Excavator Disc Mulcher

Ease of Maintenance:
1. There are no belts, pulleys or sheaves.
2. Our systems are direct drive, which means that the power goes directly into a bearing box which
transfers all the power to the cutting disc.
3. The bearings are oil bathed for continuous lubrication and cooling.
4. The drive shafts are heat treated and ground for precision fit.
5. We have a rubber safety coupler for for RDM44 forestry disc mulcher between the hydraulic motor and bearing box to protect from
You can mulch an overgrown road and restore it back to nearly new. This is the most versatile and advanced mulching attachment in the industry! Excavator mulchers are designed to match the hydraulic motor to your carrier’s fluid flow, which ensures the best possible performance.
The unique reduction shroud design, the direct drive system and the 44” diameter 1 ¼” thick cutting disc carry the inertia through the cut and forces the material into the fixed cutting teeth. Material will be cut and pulled into the reduction shroud system resulting in a one step process.

The RDM Excavator disc mulchers allow the operator to see the cutting teeth as they engage with the material; this allows the operators to avoid foreign materials that could be a potential safety hazard.