SS ECO Mulchers for Skid Steers

SS ECO Specification Sheet


 Why the SS ECO 

The SS ECO is the newest of our product lines breaking into and dominating the skid steer market for mulching attachments.  The price is a winning feature of this product.  Another unique feature of this mulching attachment is the operator can see the cutting teeth engaging the material as you mulch, allowing the operator to guide the material to the top of the cutting disc.  This allows the operator to see foreign debris, materials, rocks and wires preventing them from entering the mulching attachment. 

The SS ECO Mulchers are typically in stock and ready for shipment except for the specific mounting plate. 

Ease of Maintenance

There are no belts, pulleys or shivs; our systems are direct drive, the power goes directly into a bearing box transferring 100% of the power to the cutting disc.  We have a rubber safety coupler between the hydraulic motor and bearing box to protect from damage. 


What makes the SS ECO such an advanced mulching attachment is the unique design of the reduction shroud system, the direct drive system and the 58” diameter 1-1/2” thick cutting disc carries the inertia through the cut  The unique reduction shroud design forces the material through the reduction shroud  system forcing the material into the fixed cutting teeth.  Material less than 4” in diameter is cut and pulled into the reduction shroud system resulting in a one step process. 


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